Pronunciation Guide

I have been asked by a couple of readers now for a pronunciation guide. I’ve never got to grips with orthography and phonemes so please forgive the crudeway I portray the sounds below. The italics indicate emphasis.

This is hardly a comprehensive list – more of a start really. No doubt I will be adding to this over the coming months.
Athréa –      Uh-thray-a

Caluphas –     Ka-loo-fas

Cambouria –     Cam-boar-ee-a

Désa Imperieuse Propogacion di Liberté Sotsiolistke –     Day-za  Im-pear-ay-urz Prop-a-gass-ee-on  di  Lib-ur-tay  Sot-see-oh-liss-t-k

Engalise –     En-guh-leez (or) En-guh-lee-s

Englassia –     Englace-ee-a

Fvelln – Fv and Ln are letters in the Athréak language. Fv is pronounced by saying the “f” and “V” sounds simultaneously into a breathy sound. Ln is created by dropping the “L” sound right into the “N” sound.

Gallista –     Guh-liss-ta

Ijjalion –     Ij-a-lee-on

Kloghlgk of the Nngloglgh-ki –      I’ll let you figure out this one yourselves

Neuberg –     Noy-berg

Parque – Park

Rindall(ian) –     Rin-dorl (Rin-dal-ee-an)

Shupillier –     Shoo-pill-ee-ey

Simplaero (sian) –     Sim-play-air-oh-(zee-an)

Damu’us naee –     Dah-moo-us  nay-ee

Yai acquire dolibourt pappien ete dacourainsi –     y-I  ak-eer  dol-i-bort  pap-een  et  dac-or-ai-inzee