States of Independence and a new book

There’s a new book! Wait, what? Read on…

I should have open with an apology for being silent for so long. I’m sorry. Now let me tell you the exciting reason. I have been hammering away at the next book. Second novels are infamous in the writing world for being hard to do. It has taken longer. It is a bit shorter but people who have read it agree it is even better than the first! Now it is with my publisher who is considering what to do with it.

It’s in We Bleed the Same but you will not have needed to read it to enjoy the story. This one happily stands alone as well as enriching the universe. My aim in this saga is for the books to be readable in any order.  This time we meet a Freedom Protection Agent, called Jaq Pilakin, who is investigating an apparent accident of war and hoping it turns out to be a murder. Where the action in We Bleed the Same takes place over a whole year, this book’s action is over in three-and-a-half days. And yes, several of the characters you have already met do turn up.

So, I know you have been waiting for me to explain this somewhat strange post title. Well, States of Independence is a one day literary festival in Leicester, specialising in the independent press. It is free to get in and runs from 10:30am – 4:30pm in the Clephan Building, DMU, LE1 5XY.