Introducing: Jaq Pilakin

In the summer I was delighted to announce that my publishers, Inspired Quill, had accepted for publication the second book in the Anjelican Universe – intended to be release in June next year. I won’t call it a series because I hope to write connected books that can be read in any order but will still build up to tell the story of Galactic revolution, human history, the role of the Anjelican and the future of the Earth. But that’s all still to come…

In the meantime let me introduce you to the main protagonist – Jaq Pilakin (pronounced pill-ay-kin). She is a woman who lives in the city of Engalise. Those of you have read We Bleed the Same will know this place but if you haven’t it doesn’t matter. The city has some problems. It is under siege and it has been for decades. It has no laws – only a code of individual rights; and there are only ten of those. And there is no government. Only a City Corporation that licences individuals to protect these rights. For example, City Engineers who protect the right to movement by running and maintaining thoroughfares and transport networks.

Jaq Pilakin is licenced as a Freedom Protection Agent. This is someone who investigates violations against an individual’s rights and she specialises in the 1st right: life. Unfortunately, due to a previous case, she was thrown out of her old job with the City Corporations own subsidiary agency. Now she is independent and has to search for cases that have been overlooked by big agencies or independent agents with an established reputation.

Jaq is not a happy person. She is wracked by guilt over her previous life and pursues justice as a way to atone for her past actions. She drinks too much, takes drugs and indulges in as many vices as she can afford. Unfortunately, the money is about to run out and her case is a plumber who was unfortunate enough to be buried by rubble from an artillery strike from the besieging forces. Luckily for her, it turns out to be murder…


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